Movement Mechanics is dedicated to providing professional instruction on strength, conditioning, movement skill, corrective exercise, massage therapy, and nutrition. At Movement Mechanics, clients are provided with the necessary training and resources to improve not only their physical performance and athletic development but adopt a healthy lifestyle as well. Their team consists of highly qualified professionals who take pride in their craft and are passionate about ensuring quality results. 


#2 Stephens Rd
Long Circular  Maraval
Trinidad & Tobago



Agility Sports is headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean hub for team sports and athletics, where they provide world class technology and training equipment for athletes of all ages and ability.  With the SKLZ brand of sport performance and training products, they give athletes a best in class toolset for all categories of performance including speed, agility, flexibility, balance, strength, warm up and recovery.  They also provide sport performance and athlete training, nutrition and rehabilitation services through their regional partner network that includes The Performance Pursuit.

   129-131     Abercromby St  Port of Spain  Trinidad & Tobago


At Aiga Performance we specialize in developing athletes using innovative training methods, including: personalized programming, regeneration and nutrition needs, and rehabilitation and pre-habilitation protocols. We are more than a training facility, as we believed in “it take a village” and present a training philosophy based on the tenets of family, which include: love, faith, and work ethic.

700 Thimble Shoals Blvd Suite 114     Newport News , VA 23606