"We actually used to have a sport psychologist on staff a year ago, but they were not very effective and could not connect with our athletes or resonate with them from an athlete's perspective. Angelina and I have tried using other sport psychologists with our co-ed team, some who were even track Olympians and world champions, and I still was not impressed with their impact on the athletes or their ability to teach them how to achieve change. The Performance Pursuit staff delivers above and beyond the call of duty, from professionalism to effectiveness to providing supplemental materials able to be used beyond their sessions to being able to achieve buy-in and results from diverse athletes of all ages. After working with The Performance Pursuit, I do not reach out to anyone else when my athlete need to work with someone to improve translation of training to performance, increase confidence in performance execution, mental toughness, body image issues, or working through stress/anxiety of an event or expectation. Kacey Gibson was directly responsible in helping one of my top 7 athletes perform to his potential, make peace around body image issues, and work through high expectation/pressure he had put on himself. The team took 10th in the nation at cross country national (two years ago the same team was 16th in the region)." - Jason Hartmann, Saginaw Valley State University Men's Cross Country/ Track Distance/Middle Distance NCAA Coach

"We coach the players, but who helps the coach? Working with Kai at The Performance Pursuit has helped me to think about the ultimate issues of why I coach and how I can be most effective in doing so to deliver great work. Kai has also assisted me in thinking about the big picture and develop the skill set necessary for me to perform at my best on a daily basis." - Nate Boyden, Chicago Fire Soccer Academy Coach

"The consultants did a tremendous job with my team over the last 9 months, from group activities to their individual meetings.  Their eagerness to put the time in to get to know each player, really helped build trust between them and the girls, and helped my players break down some mental barriers.  I'm looking forward to having them back with the team this fall." - Head Collegiate Women's Soccer Coach

"Working with Kai for a couple years was massively beneficial for us as a team. As soccer coaches we felt our strengths lay in teaching the technical and tactical aspects of the game and as a result we brought Kai in to help our players develop the mental skills they needed to be successful both as an athlete and student. With his expertise we were able to provide a more complete sporting education to our players and the results on the field were evidence of that." - Collegiate Men's Head Assistant Soccer Coach

"The Performance Pursuit's Kacey Gibson was directly responsible in athlete Allison Dorr's first time qualification for the national NCAA championship cross country meet, taking 15th at regionals in a 6K time of 21:16 (she was 43rd at Regionals the year before in a 6K time of 22:15). Before this race, Allison had under-performed at her previous race, taking 14th in the conference, failing to execute the last 1K of the race with confidence that she could run with and fearing the pain. After working with Kacey, Allison took 15th in the region. Her fitness did not change drastically in the 2 weeks between the two meets; the entire difference was Kacey's impact, advise, and guidance. Since then, I have recommended a handful more of athletes to work with Kacey individually, and she has delivered a phenomenal workshop on dealing with pre-race anxiety for the entire women's team. You can expect preparedness, thoroughness, attention to detail, and an understanding of the age group/audience being worked with when working with The Performance Pursuit. I would not go anywhere else after working with them." - Angelina Ramos, Saginaw Valley State University Women's Cross Country/Track Distance/Middle Distance  NCAA Coach

"The consultant's group sessions were instrumental to both our team’s progression this spring. They compiled workshops that addressed some of the individual issues affecting on-course performance, as well as some of the intra-team challenges that our men’s team was going through this season. I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for the consultant's work and I know that they will continue to be successful because of their practical approach, personable demeanors, thorough knowledge of their subject matter, competitive background, and willingness to continue learning and improve individually." - Head Collegiate Men's Golf Director

"Body image/mental fears are not taboo topics, or issues they [athletes] face alone. Hearing it from someone other than coach validates that, and opens a safe space for conversation. The consultants were effective at opening up these topics/issues to be spoken about and worked on as continued conversation." - Head Collegiate Women's Cross Country Coach

Testimonials from Athletes

"The 7 sessions I participated in with Kai Laird helped move me from fear to joy not only of playing golf but of the learning/improvement process as well! In our time together we developed appropriate skill improvement goals and a structured plan for attaining them. We also talked through a better internal process for me which included a customized "visualization exercise" which Kai put together in the studio with my input. I felt supported and respected throughout the process, and appreciated Kai's obvious preparation. Thank you, Kai Laird and The Performance Institute!" - Amateur Golfer

"I learned more about how I can harness past moments and emotions to help me play well now. It helped me learn more about how I affect my play the most." - Collegiate Men's Soccer Player

"Due to Molly's sessions, I was able to able to organize my thoughts, manage my time, and feel more confident going into competitions. I truly wouldn't have been able to make it as far as I have without her exceptional expertise. Now I am able to use the power of visualization to better my jumps. I set the bar higher for my competitors because I am mentally tougher and more focused. The Performance Pursuit allowed me to tap into potential I didn't know I had and the sessions allowed me to work on weaker muscles and make them stronger." - Priscilla Frederick, Professional & Olympic High Jumper

"The sessions pointed out specific things that I need to improve on and helped me in solving them." - Elite Academy Soccer Player

"This workshop touched on so many of the pressures of the sport we're in, and helped teach us how we can overcome them." - Collegiate Women's Cross Country Runner

"Working with Molly has made me much more confident! Our sessions always have a theme that helps me to clarify how I can accomplish my goals. Molly is a master at helping me connect the dots between why I want to do something and how I am going to achieve it. She helped me stay accountable to my diet and exercise programs, as well as helped me to mentally prepare for an athletic competition. Our meetings are always organized, well thought out and Molly is a terrific coach and listener. If you are looking to find a way to break through the mental blocks or barriers to your success, I highly recommend coordinating with Molly!" - John, General Exerciser

“From everything they talked about, it really sunk into our team’s hearts in which played a huge part on the field. They are a big factor to this team and it was awesome having them here.” -  Collegiate Men's Soccer Player