Okay, moment of truth. Our last blog gave you tips to return to your routine after the long holiday season. But, how are you actually doing? Did you make a New Year’s resolution? If so, are you following it? If yes, keep rocking out in life. If you are like me where my New Year’s resolution typically has an average life span of about 8 days, then this blog is definitely for you. If you didn’t make a New Year’s resolution, then why not make a goal that you can be proud of when you accomplish it. After all, isn’t a New Year’s resolution just a goal in disguise? Stop. Before you quit reading this because you think this is going to be another blog about boring old goals, I promise it won’t. I want you to think about this idea of goals in an entirely different light. Through these solid foolproof steps, you will actually accomplish your New Year’s resolution or set one that you can actually accomplish and be proud of when you do.


Values..Values..Values..Does your goal actually align with your values? This is the BIGGEST mistake that people make. We often make goals that do not align with who we are and the values that we have and still live by. Take a gut check and write down 3-5 of your strongest values. Then, compare them to your goal. If you cannot find a way that your values fit with your goal, then it is not the right goal for you. For example, if I were to make a goal of making a scrapbook for my upcoming friends birthday, then I would sadly be out of luck with the finished product. Why? I do not have one ounce of creativity in these bones. I adore creativity and wish I could pick out a painting or picture for the barren walls of my apartment, but I just can’t. Creativity is a value that I do not have. So make sure that your real life values align with your goal if you actually want to accomplish it.


Make your goal positive…I have heard over and over again the New Year’s resolution of I want to lose weight or I am not eating junk food for the year of 2016. Talk about setting yourself off on the wrong foot. Reframe your resolution (cough..cough…GOAL), to be positive. If you keep telling yourself that you won’t eat junk food, it is the only thing that you will think about. Make a resolution that is positive and urges you into action. For example, “I want to look great and feel confident in this swimsuit,” “I want to go to the gym at least four times every week,” “I want to eat three meals a day with lean protein and vegetables.” All of those goals use positive verbiage and make you want to strive towards the goal. Therefore, you will be more likely to be successful at the end of the day.


Set Reminders…If you can’t see your goals are they really real? Make sure you are able to visibly see reminders of your goal everyday. Make it the background of your phone, write it in your planner, put it on a sticky note and put it on the mirror in your bathroom. Whatever works for you to see your goal, do it. Pick a day each week to check-in on your goal. Are you actually taking the daily, weekly, and monthly steps to reach your goal? Don’t lie to yourself. Check-in with yourself and make adjustments if you need to. Perhaps you need more time or need more support. Whatever it is, remind yourself and refine your goals constantly.


Lastly, don’t be afraid if your New Year’s Resolutions wnt down the tubes after two weeks. We can start again. It is only January. If you did not make a resolution, then do it. Let’s make this year the best year yet. Just remember to make sure your goals really align with who you are and you will be able to check that final goal off your list.