One of our goals here at The Performance Pursuit is to effectively prepare youth athletes to overcome challenges they face throughout their development - whether it be in sport, school, or their social life. Keeping this goal in mind we continually develop affiliations with several youth development programs internationally to not only provide mental skills conditioning services, but also to compliment the excellent training and coaching young athletes receive on a daily basis. As we continue this tradition in providing our clients with various opportunities to access high quality training and coaching services, we at The Performance Pursuit are very excited to introduce one of our newest partners: The Tidewater Sharks.

With the common value of providing athletes with the necessary training and guidance to fulfill their potential both in and outside of athletics, The Performance Pursuit and the Tidewater Sharks came together this spring to provide a collaborative athletic development program for their youth soccer athletes. This program was kick started this past spring where we worked with one of their advanced U-13 boys soccer team, which included several interactive workshops and implementing individual programs. Big thanks to Martin Vickerton and the rest of the Tidewater Sharks for sharing our vision and joining on us on this exciting journey. We are looking forward to working with their advanced and elite youth soccer teams in the coming seasons.

Even though he is always coaching various soccer teams or directing the Tidewater Sharks program, we were able to sit down with Martin and ask him a few questions so that our readers could learn more about himself, the program, and the team.

So Martin:

What can you tell us about Tidewater Sharks and the phenomenal program that continues to grow every season?

The Tidewater Sharks is a travel soccer club based out of Williamsburg, Virginia which was established in 2012. The club provides quality soccer opportunities for players at all levels. During fall we will be offering 32 travels teams (400 players) the opportunity to develop their skills with licensed coaches, state of the art indoor/outdoor facilities, and doing so in a positive, competitive environment.

What makes Tidewater Sharks different to any other soccer organization?

The club focuses on not only soccer, but life lessons on and off the soccer field. We obviously want our players to succeed in the sport at the highest level, but also want them to succeed in life. We make sure our coaches know what makes each player tick by caring and improving player relationships.

What convinced you to partner with The Performance Pursuit during the spring season?

Through my personal playing experience in England and being lucky enough to have a sports psychologist, I saw my improvements first hand, and know the importance of being mentally prepared for soccer. In addition, Kai and Kacey impressed me right away. Their passion, knowledge and expertise in sports psychology made the decision easy to partner with The Performance Pursuit.

In what aspect do you think the team has improved most in since beginning the spring program?

As the season progressed with the team meeting with The Performance Pursuit Coaches, the team’s cohesiveness improved with the players developing genuine friendships with one another, which was very evident to see. Not only did the team improve their performances and results, but the desire to work for each other also improved.


We would like to thank Martin again for taking the time to speak more about the Tidewater Sharks Program as we look forward to another exciting season ahead.

To learn more about Tidewater Sharks, check out their website below and various social media accounts. Stay tuned for exciting collaborations coming your way next season! 

Website -

Facebook – TSA Sharks Soccer Club

Location - WISC 5700 Warhill Trail Williamsburg, VA 23188


Contact - 757.253.1947 |

Please enjoy the following images that were taken during actual workshops with the Tidewater Sharks: