The Performance Pursuit is a unique performance consulting organization that caters to not only athletes, coaches, exercisers, but professionals of all occupations focused on satisfying our client's need to thrive and compete in various arenas. Our consultation is deeper than making you a successful athlete or coach, we believe that our work provides you with the skills and insight to be successful in life. The mental aspect of performance is an important part of achieving excellence and discipline in your life. Let our mental skills coaches in Yorktown help you pursue excellence through mental skills conditioning.

Training that we offer

Individual Training

Your training begins with a 30-minute consultation to see how we can help you improve. We will then develop a unique program for your individual mental skills training that meets your needs, availability, and budget. Our consultations are available via phone, email, Skype or in-person.

Why choose individual training?

  • Receive assistance in effective goal setting

  • Increase confidence through positive self-talk techniques

  • Learn how to maintain a positive attitude through adversity or setbacks

  • Learn relaxation techniques in everyday life as well as performance/competition

  • Learn the power of visualization to increase performance skills and exercise techniques

  • Develop various skills to become the best athlete/exerciser possible from a mental standpoint

Individual Training Testimonial: "The Performance Pursuit allowed me to tap into potential I didn't know I had and the sessions allowed me to work on weaker muscles and make them stronger." - Priscilla Frederick, Professional & Olympic High Jumper

Team and Group Training

Team and Group Training begins with a 30-minute consultation to see how we can help you improve your mental skills. Our team of consultants will create a mental skills training program tailored specifically to your team’s needs, goals and budget.

Why choose team/group training?

  • Improves the team and group’s ability to perform consistently and maximize potential

  • Increases group and team awareness

  • Develop leadership styles and ability to motivate others

  • Foster team cohesion and use of effective communication skills

  • Increases the team and groups capacity to overcome challenges

Team & Group Training Testimonial: “From everything they talked about, it really sunk into our team’s hearts in which played a huge part on the field. They are a big factor to this team and it was awesome having them here.” - DI Collegiate Men's Soccer Player

Interested in Specific Services or a Combination?

You have the option to create your own unique mental skills training program at a reduced rate. We highly recommend scheduling a free consultation before to ensure that you receive the best program tailored your specific needs and objectives.

Create a combination or pick a specific service from the services listed below:

  • Intake and Assessment

  • Individual Sessions

  • Team and Group Workshops

  • Coach Consultations

  • Coach Workshops

  • Presentations and Workshops

Interested in Specific Services or a Combination?

Our team of consultants are based in Illinois, Virginia, Trinidad & Tobago, but also provide services globally via video conferencing and phone with each consultant experienced within sport, counseling, and coaching, thus making The Performance Pursuit consultants well equipped to provide quality services.

Our consultants aim to refine clients’ mental skills by the use of evidence-based practice and highly specialized mental training techniques. We provide our clients with innovative consulting services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals, teams, and organizations striving to improve their performance.  

Learn more about our consultants Kaimare Laird, Kacey Gibson, and Felix Yu. We work with clients in Chicago, Newport News, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Norfolk, Hampton, Virginia Beach and Trinidad.

Who We Work With

At The Performance Pursuit we work with individuals, teams, and groups of all ages and levels of competition including but not limited to:

  • Olympic Athletes

  • Collegiate Athletes

  • Elite Youth Athletes

  • High school Athletes

  • Recreational Athletes

  • Masters Athletes

  • Exercisers

  • Coaches

  • Sports Clubs

  • Parents