Think about a time, past or present, when you were involved in a sport or performance-related activity. Take a minute and create an image in your head of what it was like to compete, how much time you dedicated to your performance, and the way it made you feel. After you’ve had some time to conceptualize that experience, think about how much time in that sport or activity was dedicated to practicing your physical skills. Most athletes and performers would agree that a large majority of their time, usually 80-90%, is spent on physical practice. Now, consider this…
"When you were competing, if you were to make a mistake, would it be due to a lack of physical skill, or would it be the result of a momentary lapse in concentration?"

When asked this question, most athletes and performers would attribute their mistakes to mental errors opposed to the physical ones. So, the question becomes, why is it that we consistently invest in the physical practice of our sport, when most of the mistakes can be corrected by addressing mental skills? Imagine a holistic training program, in which mental skills training can supplement physical practice, and the athlete has an opportunity to develop a plethora of skills that contribute to their confidence, their focus, their mental resiliency, their ability to manage emotions, and their ability to effectively communicate with others. This is where the sport psychology consultants at The Performance Pursuit can help.

INDIVIDUAL Mental Training

What are some of the skills and benefits I can gain from individual mental training?

  • Receive assistance in effective goal setting

  • Increase self confidence through self talk techniques

  • Maintain an positive attitude through adversity or setbacks

  • Develop relaxation techniques for everyday life as well as performance/competition

  • Learn how to visualize performance skills and exercise techniques to improve performance

How does individual mental training work?

  • Meet with one of our consultants for free 30 minute consultation to see how we can help you improve and achieve your goals.

  • Receive a unique mental training program will be designed to meet your goals, needs, availability & budget.

  • Consultations are available via in-person, phone call, email, and video call.

Individual Training Testimonial:

"The Performance Pursuit allowed me to tap into potential I didn't know I had and the sessions allowed me to work on weaker muscles and make them stronger." - Priscilla Frederick, Professional & Olympic High Jumper


Team & Group Mental Training

Why choose team/group mental training?

  • Improves the team and group's ability to perform consistently and maximize potential

  • Increases the team and group's capacity to overcome challenges together while improving overall resilience

  • Fosters team cohesion and use of effective communication skills

  • Develops leadership styles and ability to motivate others

  • Increases group and team awareness to foster change

How would mental training work for my team/group?

  • Receive a free 30 minute consultation to see how we can help your team improve.

  • Our team of consultants will create a mental skills training program tailored specifically to your team/group's need, goals, and budget.

  • Workshops and group sessions can be delivered onsite at your training facility or office in person or remotely via online video presentations.

Team & Group Training Testimonial:

“From everything they talked about, it really sunk into our team’s hearts in which played a huge part on the field. They are a big factor to this team and it was awesome having them here.” - DI Collegiate Men's Soccer Player



What is our Integrated Mental Training Programming & why choose it?

  • The opportunity to integrate our innovative mental training services full time into your existing programs and memberships.

  • Exclusive access to one of our consultants who can deliver a variety of our services to your clientele within your facility at no additional cost to you.

Who have you provided integrated mental training programs for?

Below are several organizations and sport clubs that we have integrated our programming full time over the past few years in Illinois, Virginia, Trinidad & Tobago.

Integrated Program Testimonial:

“Working with The Performance Pursuit over the last 3 years has given our strength and conditioning programs a tremendous boost when it comes to sport psychology. The mental preparation for competition is key. It’s the part of the puzzle most seem to neglect but plays such a massive role in the success of the athlete.” - Gregory Seale, Director, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach


Workshops & Public Speaking Events

Why choose us to speak at your event?

  • Over the years our team has spoken and presented at several national conferences, companies, and schools across the globe including the National Coaching Convention (NCC), United Soccer Coaches Convention and AASP Annual Sport Psychology Conference.

  • Our team will design a unique presentation/workshop specifically for your audience based on your identified goal and budget for the event.

Examples of Topics We Have Presented Before

  • Delivering Sport Psychology Services to Division I Athletes

  • Mind Games at Play: The Psychology Behind Sport

  • Introduction to Sport Psychology: For Running, For Success, For Life

  • Becoming a TOP Coach

  • The Importance of Sport Psychology in Athlete Development and it's Integration in Youth Soccer


Certified Mental Performance Consultants (CMPC®) Mentorship

What is CMPC mentoring and the benefits?

  • Certification as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant® (CMPC®) demonstrates to clients, employers, colleagues, and the public that you have met the highest standards of professional practice in the field of sport & performance psychology.

  • Each of our consultants are Certified Mental Performance Consultants® and provide CMPC mentorship to developing professionals who are in the process of applying for certification.

  • Our consultants provide CMPC mentorship in various ways which include but are not limited to face-to-face mentorship, electronic mentorship, and live/video session observation.


Overview of all SERVICES OFFERED

Interested in specific services or even a combination but unsure which is best for you?

  • We offer you the option of creating your own unique mental skills training program using the services listed.

  • You can choose a specific service that we offer or even a combination of them at a reduced rate

  • We recommend scheduling a free consultation before to ensure that you receive the best program tailored your specific needs and goals.

Intake and Assessment

Individual Sessions

Team and Group Sessions

Coach Development Consultations

Presentations and Workshops

Integrated Programming

CMPC® Mentorship



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